I have been reading articles and comments on this site for several months now. I have taken an interest in Team/Life because of several family members who are involved. To be honest, I am grieved watching and hearing the mental gymnastics that people put themselves through trying to defend the deceptive business practices that they are involved in and are promoting.
I know because I have a sister who is under the yoke of submission as this business calls wives to, and deems that that is her role in supporting her husband who has been involved on and off since Amway days. I fear that in the end they will lose everything because of his obsession, as they are financially strapped now with their home up for sale. They have been making excuses as to why it is, but we fear that it is because they need the money to ‘buy’ their way up to the next levels. That ‘treasure’ at the end of the rainbow, you know!! Her whole family is grieved for her, but feels helpless to stop it.
Anyways, I came across an article in a magazine about people who have wandered into fortune-tellers parlors on a ‘lark’, if you will, and the similarities of ‘occurences’ between these two worlds is eye-opening. The anatomy of deception, and how innocently it all starts…
Got a little time on your hands? (Psychic)…as you are wandering down a street, you come across a sign that says, “Psychic insights” (Team/Life)…while you are minding your own business, someone approaches you with a ‘life-changing’ offer.
Your questions…Is it legit? Not a big deal, you reason…a little entertainment…so…(Psychic) you step inside the building (Team/Life)…you say ‘yes’ to a meeting
Just a fun diversion…harmless
Maybe at a low point…struggling? (maritally, financially, with children)
Craving someone you can talk to?
So…you enter, wondering what’s next…
(Psychic) Inside, you will be ushered to a small table (Team/Life) Inside, you will be ushered to a table with company reps
(Psychic) Next, you will be presented with a list of services she offers (Team/Life) You’ll be presented with a list of reasons why this is a good idea
The first test….(Psychic) Handing over something valuable (Team/Life) Agreeing that it will be worth your time and efforts to invest in this business
Do you trust??
(Psychic) Finally found someone who cares and can help (Team/Life) Finally found someone who cares…upline mentors who can help us through the process and with sales and ‘life’ advice
Bad news…
(Psychic) Money is the ‘root of your problems’
(Team/Life) You don’t have enough money…you could have so much more
Credentials…(Psychic) Been doing this ‘business’ since a young girl
(Team/Life) Our esteemed leaders have been in this from ‘Amway’ days
They regard themselves as (Psychic) ‘A Life Coach’ (Team/Life) “Life Coaches”

Claiming they are…(Psychic) An Independent contractor who is hired by clients for her keen ability to offer guidance(Team/Life) Independent ‘business owners’ who offers life-coaching materials that come with tools and guidance
In essence…a combination of..(Psychic) 1.Psychologist 2.Social Worker 3. Spiritual Teacher 4. Friend
(Team/Life) Overseer of ‘life issues’…”the 7 F’s” (same issues as stated by psychic)
Their claims…(Psychic) “I gave my life to help these people…some have been clients for 20-40 yrs” (Team/Life) “We give our lives to help people. Some of us have been followers since Amway days.”
Do you still trust? (Psychic) “Come back tomorrow” you’re told. (Team/Life) “Come every Tues. night and bring friends”
Negativity is a problem (Psychic) “With this attitude, nothing can be done for you…” (Team/Life) “You will need a positive attitude to encourage sales”
Turns out you’ve been cursed!! (Psychic) Claims she can block this curse…that’s what I’m here for, to help you! (Team/Life) You must be ‘cursed with that job’ that you can be free from if you just follow ‘our system’
Best of all, they will do it for ‘free’. It’s their ‘life’s work’! ‘Their purpose’!!!
(Psychic) “Turn over a large sum of money. This money must be cleansed from evil. Get over your fixation on money…this is serious! (Team/Life) Trust our system, our process…give us your credit card # and you are on your way! It will work for you if you let it!
The hook…set! (Psychic) You have lost thousands from her and want to get it back (Team/Life)You start paying out for books and seminars…it’s an investment, you reason!
But…you continue down this path…all the time believing that it will all return to you! No time to back down…give more money…more work…
The tragedy…all were looking for ‘hope’
Down the road, little did you know the longing that you would have for all that lost time and money back…and long for all the relationships that you lost along the way to ‘your dream’.

And this scenario is lived out time and time again with thousands and thousands of people. My heart aches for my sister. I love her more than life, and ache to see where this is leading them. I pray daily that God will deliver them from this highway of deception…not only them but the people that they are influencing with these lies. These ‘masters of deceit’ who call themselves ‘Christians’ should be looking out from behind bars, and should be so ashamed of the lives that they have set on the trail to the wasteland of brokenness…someday the faces of those they have deceived will flash before them and they will be filled with regrets!   Any problem that anyone is going through will be met with a good book to read without Team/Life. The Bible (filled with all the answers you will need for life and practice) and your Christian bookstore are brimming full of wonderful resources for those who struggle. Anyways, if this effort on my part has discouraged someone from setting their feet on either of these paths,(Team/Life or psychic), then it was well worth the time spent on my part. Praying for you, Chris, that God will open your eyes. I won’t yell at you! I pray that God will open your eyes to His truth and His path for your ‘Life’!!